Riviera Ligure di Ponente D.O.C. Vermentino

Type of cultivation: 100% Vermentino
Place of production: Produced and bottled in winery with 100%
Vermentino grapes from the hills of DianoMarina
Colour: Straw yellow with greenish reflexes
Characteristics: Dry white wine as well as gently soft. Intensebouquet of wildflowers and herbs with noteof yellow peach
Vinification: White wine-making, with a short permanenceon the grape skins, in steel tanks at a controlledtemperature and a long batonnage
Serving temperature: 12 - 15 degrees
Best with: All kinds of seafood, shellfish in particularbut also with Ligurian walnut sauce ?pansotti?and all the Ligurian dishes
Curiosities: There is debate over the origin of Vermentino.Maybe a Spanish varietal came from Corsicato Liguria, then to Tuscany and Sardinia. Thisgrape variety has a good resistance to thesalty wind of the coastal zone.
Alcohol content: 13% Vol.- Year 2015.